Following Five but Preceding Seven

a Future Film by Ruben Latre


Hostage Films, led creatively by Barcelona native, director/dp Ruben Latre, has been producing commercials and short film projects in the United States and abroad for the past four years for clients including Samsung, the Abbott Fund, Verizon, and Pfizer.  We have worked on projects with 50+ crew and Academy Award winning cinematographer Mauro Fiore, and projects where Ruben has been dropped in remote locations like the Amazon jungle and the Ethiopian highlands and worked as a single person crew, shooting two cameras and audio himself. 

During this time, we have simultaneously been developing film projects, creating the opportunity for a first feature film for director Ruben Latre. 

Now, we have it in our grasp. FOLLOWING FIVE BUT PRECEDING SEVEN, a Ruben Latre film, predominately takes place in a single location with a single actor. In terms of execution, this makes our production straightforward.

As mentioned above, we are used to working in challenging climates and at any budget level. What we never compromise on is quality. For Ruben Latre and Hostage Films, everything we do is made to the best of our ability, putting visual aesthetic and emotional evocation at the forefront. We hope this link to his work shows that clearly.


Ruben Latre is a director whose work cannot help but stir your soul, even his commercial work, for advertisers, selling products.  When you unleash his potential through a narrative feature, the results will be tremendous.

Our audience awaits.

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